Alternative Season

People with face masks looking at the sky
Like inhabitants of an abandoned amusement park, in the suspended silence of summer carousels in mid-winter.

The isolation is aesthetic and proxemic, with language flattened, obstructed, and gagged. Only eyes are visible behind masked faces, repeatedly surprised by a desolate, silent city. We become aware of the weight of our own bodies and breathing, while the physical presence of others brings tangible, repelling forces. Time slows down in vast, empty spaces, and the pace of daily life inevitably changes.

All overwhelmed by a microscopic threat, all frightened under the same sky by an intimidation towards humanity akin to an alien invasion.

This dystopian panorama imposes stillness and reflection, comparing this life to the one we had before, suggesting a more human measure, and ruthlessly exposing the paradox. It reveals the dizziness of being both one and everyone at the same time.



final caption

Shoot in Milan, between March and May of 2020.